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Forensic Evidence GasLine-LarcenyMS169.041

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Section 169.041Towing Authorized.
Section 169.042Towing; Notice To Victim Of Vehicle Theft.
re: Office of the Re169.041 TOWING AUTHORIZED.
Subdivision 1. Towing authority. For purposes of this section, "towing authority" means any
local authority authorized by section
169.04 to enforce the traffic laws, and also includes a private
towing company authorized by a local authority to tow vehicles on behalf of that local authority.
Subd. 2. Towing order required. A towing authority may not tow a motor vehicle from
public property unless a peace officer or parking enforcement officer has prepared, in addition
to the parking citation, a written towing report describing the motor vehicle and the reasons for
towing. The report must be signed by the officer and the tow driver.
Subd. 3. Four-hour waiting period. In enforcing state and local parking and visor of Statutes - Statutes 169.042 TOWING; NOTICE TO VICTIM OF VEHICLE THEFT.
Subdivision 1. Notification. The law enforcement agency that originally received the
report of a vehicle theft shall make a reasonable and good-faith effort to notify the victim of the
reported vehicle theft within 48 hours after recovering the vehicle or receiving notification that
the vehicle has been recovered. The notice must specify when the recovering law enforcement
agency expects to release the vehicle to the owner and where the owner may pick up the vehicle.
The law enforcement agency that recovers the vehicle must promptly inform the agency that
received the theft report that the vehicle is recovered, where the vehicle is located, and when the
vehicle can be released to the owner.
Subd. 2. Violation dismissal. A traffic violation citation given to the owner of the vehicle as

al with No Tickets Issued or currently on the Car, Restitution mandated Punatitive, Compensatory, Tort, mkt v. 697 Surrey Quitam triple damages + $240.00 pr hour attorney pro se fees,cop stalking broken ankle $20 thous med.
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causing sinking back yard, cracked cement, sinking drive etc.

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